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For telecoms carriers and wholesale traders who want to trade minutes in a secure financial
environment,Online VoIP Trading has come out with two options.
1) You can work with us as wholesale VoIP partner or
2) You can work on our technically advanced web based platform that enables member's to instantly view
routes for sale, offer routes to prospective buyers, and bid for traffic in an auction environment.


  • Attractive rates and Flexible payments terms.
  • Trusted routes with excellent ASR and ACD.
  • Premium CLI and stable Non CLI routes avaliable.
  • Dedicated account manager and 24/7 Noc service.
  • Easy contract and interconnection.
  • Easy billing solutions.
  • Unilateral and bilateral deals available.
  • Quality Assurance promise for all routes.


  • Neutral platform for Carriers, Mobile Network Operators and            Telco's to buy and sell Voice Termination.
  •  Trades on platform are insured with industry credit insurance            provider.
  •  Unique trading dashboard tools that empowers members to             trade with total anonymity.
  •  Trade Finance supplied to members for trading on platform.
  •  Private Auction Room where members can share identity and            trade with other members.

VoIP Trading

Find and compare carrier-class VoIP Trading solutions to meet the demanding needs of today’s telecommunications customers. Whether you're a reseller or service provider, VoipReview’s network of wholesale partners offers solutions to increase profit margins helping to compete with the larger service providers. Access companies offering complete turn-key VoIP Trading solutions or easily compare individual services tailored to meet specific business needs. Find cost effective solutions on origination, termination, DID’s, collocation, fax and emergency services and much more.

What Type of Options Are Available?

These are some of the more common VoIP Trading solutions available to you.


Origination is simply the collection of an initiated call to be handed off to an exchange or VoIP endpoint for completion.


Termination makes it possible for calls placed using VoIP to be handed off and routed to destinations all over the world.


VoIP providers offer affordable VoIP toll-free numbers which are increasing in popularity between consumer and provider.

VoIP Hosting & Colocation

Reduce overhead costs using VoIP Colocation and Hosting services through a wholesale carrier.

International A-Z

Find low-cost termination routes worldwide from carriers offering wholesale international A-Z.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is a metropolitan access network used to connect businesses to a Wide Area Network, such as the Internet.









SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing, also known as bulk messaging, is a rapidly growing method of communication and marketing. It provides a mechanism for businesses and other entities to reach their customers in a personal, unobtrusive and cost-effective manner. SMS is a technology available on every cell phone and does not require any further training for end-users. Its universal adoption makes it ideal for use in industries ranging from fast food to healthcare. Using Bulk SMS is preferred by businesses over email, phoning, and fax for a number of reasons.

Get the message out with Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is an easy way to reach multiple users at once Wholesale SMS requires use of specialized software that sends messages to provided phone numbers.

Depending on the type of software, the input can be provided by uploading within another desktop application or on the software vendor's website. Most software is capable of sending messages internationally as well as scheduling messages in advance. Some systems are even capable of removing duplicate entries, and others can also validate a mobile number before a message is sent.

The message will be sent out to each phone number exactly like any other SMS; however, it will include a sender ID by default so that the recipient knows where the message originated.

As an added bonus, the recipient is capable of sending responses to the system. Using Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways to reach many users at once. Furthermore, it is less expensive than voicemail and more effective than an email. This is because it is much easier to send one message to multiple users as opposed to placing actual voice calls.